Developmental Disabilities Division Appeals

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Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) Appeals

Phoenix Attorneys for DDD Denials & Appeals

Supporting a person with a developmental disability can be complicated and challenging, but support is available. Sometimes it is a matter of knowing what programs are available, how to apply, and how to appeal a denied claim.

At Taylor & Lihn, PLLC in Phoenix, we are passionate about helping people plan for, apply for, and receive all benefits to which they or their loved ones are entitled. If you are responsible for caring for a loved one with a developmental disability, the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) offers support and services that can help. Our attorneys can help you with an application for DDD benefits and can also help you with an appeal if your application was denied. We’re here to help you navigate the appeals process so you can get the support you need.

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DDD Eligibility

Eligibility for DDD benefits will vary depending on the applicant’s age. Younger applicants, below the age of six, may be eligible for benefits if they are at risk of developing a disability. Older applicants must provide evidence that their disability started before the age of 18. The Arizona Early Intervention Program offers additional help for children under the age of three.

DDD benefits are available to persons with the following developmental disabilities:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Epilepsy
  • Intellectual (cognitive) disability
  • Autism spectrum disorder

Eligibility will be redetermined at the ages of 6 and 18.

Appealing an Adverse Benefit Determination

A denial, termination, reduction, or suspension of DDD benefits is referred to as an Adverse Benefit Decision. If you received an Adverse Benefit Decision, you have the right to request an appeal. You must do so within 60 days of the date on the letter.

DDD appeals are filed with the Office of Administrative Review, which will look over the Adverse Benefit Decision. You can provide the Office of Administrative Review with additional information, as needed. Within 30 days, the Office of Administrative Review will respond with a Notice of Appeal Resolution (NOAR), which will include its decision on the matter.

If you’re still not satisfied, you can request a state fair hearing. This hearing is overseen by an administrative law judge, who will review the information and evidence and make a decision on the matter. This is the final step of the appeals process.

Do I Need an Attorney for a DDD Appeal?

Having an attorney handle your DDD appeal can have numerous advantages. You can rest easy knowing that your appeal is filed properly and on time, with any additional information that can help the Office of Administrative Review see why you should be entitled to benefits. If it comes to a hearing, you’ll have a legal professional to prepare you and represent your interests in front of the judge.

With DDD and other public benefits, it comes down to the information you present. You must properly fill out each form and provide the correct supporting documentation, or your application and subsequent appeal may be denied. A skilled attorney can make sure everything is in order and can even anticipate potential issues to avoid them in the first place.

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If you filed an initial application for DDD benefits and were denied, or have been denied benefits after a redetermination at the age of 6 or 18, our Phoenix DDD appeal attorneys are here to help. It’s frustrating to be denied the benefits you know you should receive. Our attorneys can evaluate the decision and take your claim through the proper channels to file an appeal.

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