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Signs Your Family May Fight Over Your Estate

You may think you know your family well – but the death of a loved one often brings out the worst in people. When you are creating an estate plan, you should always account for potential conflicts and disputes between your family members. In most cases, you can often see the warning signs ahead and plan accordingly to minimize issues.

Here are some factors that can increase the possibility of family feuds after a death:

  • Sibling Rivalry – If siblings have a poor relationship and do not get along, then this can trigger intense feelings of resentment or rivalry. They may try to dispute an estate in order to gain an advantage or get back at a sibling.
  • Socioeconomic Differences in Beneficiaries – If you have one beneficiary who is in need of money while another who is not concerned about money, your heirs may have disputes over whether or not to sell assets in your estate. It is important that you provide specific instructions on how to manage your properties, family properties, and other assets.
  • Estranged Relatives – Families with estranged children or other successors may face additional parties who want to challenge an estate plan after a family death.
  • Undue Influences – It is common for one person, particularly a caretaker, to assume the responsibility of handling the deceased’s financial and medical affairs prior to his or her death. This can lead to accusations of undue influence, which can complicate and prolong the estate administration process.
  • Late Marriages – When a person remarries later in life, children can feel resentment against their parent’s new spouse and new siblings. Any time a person remarries, they should update their estate plan accordingly to prevent disputes.

Avoiding Family Feuds After a Death

If you want to avoid estate disputes between your loved ones, our Phoenix estate planning attorneys at Taylor & Lihn, PLLC can help. We work closely with clients to understand their family and help them find the right solutions. Our team understands the importance of not only safeguarding your financial interests but to help preserve family relationships and minimize disputes between family members.

Tell us more about your estate planning concerns by calling our office at (602) 900-9860.

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