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There is a great deal more to consider in planning for your future which relatives to nominate as inheritors of your various assets. It is in your best interest to consider a variety of legal preparations, and you’ll want to take your time making such decisions. This is why it’s critical to get started before moving into a nursing home, experiencing a major health scare, or making a significant age-related transition. If you work with an elder law attorney to get your affairs in order earlier on, you and your family will be glad you did.

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What Can an Elder Lawyer Do for Me?

An elder law attorney from Taylor & Lihn, PLLC offers a wide variety of services to help you as you age and will do everything possible to ensure your future passing is as smooth as possible for your family - legally and financially speaking. You and your lawyer can work together to determine any (or all) of the following:

  • Durable power of attorney
  • Advance directives
  • Creation and terms of a living will
  • Financial and estate representation, including planning, real estate, investments, etc.
  • Health care planning (This includes making sure you know your rights and options regarding Medicaid/Medicare and your healthcare plan and as a potential resident in a long-term healthcare facility such as a nursing home. With the staggering number of seniors who are exploited due to lack of understanding of their rights and coverage, you should create a detailed health care plan with an experienced elder law attorney in Phoenix.
  • Guardianship of any minor children or impaired adult children

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What Do I Need to Know Before Meeting with an Elder Law Attorney?

While you don’t need to have a comprehensive plan laid out, it’s important to know exactly what sort of help you want from an elder law attorney. Most estate planning attorneys do not specialize in elder law, however, we have the knowledge and experience to work together to protect your future.

Our team of Phoenix elder law experts is here to help you walk confidently into the future. We believe your golden years should be sweet and enjoyable, not fraught with legal conflict and uncertainty. Let’s work together to create your plan.

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